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Working with Early Years and Childcare Organisations to improve outcomes for children.
The Early Years Improvement Team provides advice, information and workshops for Early Years and Childcare Organisations. To support the Early Years and Childcare Organisations with their early years practice and to improve the outcomes for children.

The Early Years Improvement are highly qualified and have extensive knowledge and skills in supporting the Early Years and Childcare Organisations.

To browse all upcoming training and events, please click on the ‘Training’ tab at the top of the page.
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Training & Events

23 Sep
EIF Early Years Curriculum Workshop
This workshop will cover the new (applies from September 2019) Ofsted guidance on inspecting registered early years and childcare providers under the education inspection framework
26 Sep
Budget and Beyond
Within this we will look at the importance of the Early Years Entitlement, your settings fees policy, especially debt management. The workshop will also support identifying financial risks
03 Oct
Early Years Team Childminder Training- Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements
Learning Outcomes - By the end of the session the learner will be able to: • begin to prepare for registration in line with the legal requirements under the EYFS Statutory Requirements • identify risks and hazards within the childminding environment and know how to minimise these • develop documentation, policies and procedures to support safeguarding and welfare requirements • understand the importance of self-evaluation and continuous professional development
05 Oct
Shape, Space and Measure- Maths is all around us
Come and join us in the workshop, which incorporates the correct vocabulary and use for 2D and 3D shapes, practical and inexpensive ideas, and the impact of research.
05 Oct
Learning Maths through Stories- Maths is all around us
Aim of the workshop: To look at how stories can teach math, which will support children of different ages and levels of children’s development. Also, how linking the maths to the story helps both teaching and learning.
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