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Working with Early Years and Childcare Organisations to improve outcomes for children.
The Early Years Improvement Team provides advice, information and workshops for Early Years and Childcare Organisations. To support the Early Years and Childcare Organisations with their early years practice and to improve the outcomes for children.

The Early Years Improvement are highly qualified and have extensive knowledge and skills in supporting the Early Years and Childcare Organisations.

To browse all upcoming training and events, please click on the ‘Training’ tab at the top of the page.
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Training & Events

26 Sep
Budget and Beyond
Within this we will look at the importance of the Early Years Entitlement, your settings fees policy, especially debt management. The workshop will also support identifying financial risks
01 Jan
Early Years Inclusive Communication - STC: Universal Module
The training materials have been completely rewritten as a series of modules. The universal module and the three core modules can be adapted to meet the needs of specific groups. The purpose of this course is to develop a community wide understanding of the right to communication, and to advocate the use of tools of communication. This training will help everyone to understand what is meant by the term ‘multi-sensory communication’ and consider the advantages this brings. Course participants will reflect on their own communication and consider strategies which can be used to enhance communication in different contexts whilst at home, school, work and leisure. The Universal module will cover the following: • Introduction to multi sensory communication and inclusive communication • The right of the child/voice of the child • Using body language and gestures • Using objects and pictures • Introduction to signing • Using core signs as part of a multi sensory approach.
01 Jan
In-House Characteristics of Effective Learning
The aims of the session are: - To use your observation skills to view and understand how children learn - To use observations through reflection to plan, enhance and deepen children's learning experiences - To use the environment to create opportunities for children to explore and develop their own ideas - To develop children and parents understanding of the C.
01 Jan
In-House Observation and Planning
This course will cover: - The importance of observing children and how to carry out effective observations - How best to use information gained from observations when identifying next steps for children in order to meet their individual needs - The importance of planning and how to plan effectively whilst remaining flexible to allow for spontaneity.
01 Jan
In-House Supporting Positive Behaviour
This training is designed to aid practitioners to reflect on practice in supporting positive behaviour, identifying and responding to different types of behaviour of children in their care, and reflect upon how our own beliefs and values can affect our expectations of children. The aims of the session are: - To be able to support positive behaviour - To be able to recognise and support different behaviour types - To explore how to respond to inappropriate behaviour - To consider behaviours that are considered to be desirable and unacceptable - To identify factors which affect behaviour
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