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Early Years Inclusive Communication - STC: Universal Module


This newly revised Universal Module will be a 5 hour course but will be split into two sessions of 2 hours. There is a practical task which participants are asked to complete between the two sessions. Completing a practical task between sessions is integral to each module.


The training materials have been completely rewritten as a series of modules. The universal module and the three core modules can be adapted to meet the needs of specific groups.

The purpose of this course is to develop a community wide understanding of the right to communication, and to advocate the use of tools of communication. This training will help everyone to understand what is meant by the term ‘multi-sensory communication’ and consider the advantages this brings. Course participants will reflect on their own communication and consider strategies which can be used to enhance communication in different contexts whilst at home, school, work and leisure.

The Universal module will cover the following:
  • Introduction to multi sensory communication and inclusive communication
  • The right of the child/voice of the child
  • Using body language and gestures
  • Using objects and pictures
  • Introduction to signing
  • Using core signs as part of a multi sensory approach.


The Universal Module must be completed before any of the three core modules. If you would like to become a work place co-ordinator (to deliver the universal module in-house) it is necessary to complete all the modules followed by the training the trainers module.

Booking Information

When a setting would like to request in-house training we would advise and appreciate at least 3-4 weeks notice.

This training is a total of 4 hours which can be offered during the day, evenings or weekends to suit your requirements.

Due to the nature of the training, the room you provide must meet SCIL Health and Safety requirements as per the booking form.


This training is for anyone working with people with communication impairment, this includes Early Years Settings / Children Centre and parents


Closing date: 30/09/2019
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